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Warehouse Services

The company BALTOPS® has warehouse space (St. Petersburg and Kotka), with a total area of 1000 square meters, also open areas, for processing and storage, it is possible to accommodate any cargo.

To ensure high efficiency in managing freight traffic, the company uses IT solutions based on modern warehouse accounting system 1C: WMS Logistics. Warehouse management.

We provide the following range of warehousing services:

― Responsible storage of cargo (outdoor block storage), including small-piece;
― Perform any loading and unloading operations at the terminal;
― Sorting and picking orders at the terminal;
― Marking, packaging and palletizing;
― Handling and de-consolidation of cargo;
― Consolidation and completion of cargo;
― Delivery of cargo by own transport.

We can always offer an individual approach to the formation of tariffs for the processing and storage of your cargo.

Warehouse Address:
― 6 Parkovaya st., Saint Petersburg, 196084, Russia
― Runeberginkatu 25, 48200, Kotka, Finland