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About company

BALTOPS® LLC is a Russian company specializing in complex supply of enterprises, agency services and maintenance of customer cargo flows, ship supplies and the provision of engineering and technical services.

Our vision

To ensure a firm position of a reliable partner in terms of the logistics of enterprises in Russia.

Our mission

To be exceptional in what we do, and to be recognized as such by the market and our customers. We strive for effective business management and success in all areas of our business, while respecting the values and standards that we follow.

The principles of the company:

― Work exclusively within the law;
― Compliance with high standards of professional activity, the presence of an intracorporate system of responsibility sharing, control, information processing technology and decision-making;
― Achievement and constant maintenance of high liquidity and solvency of the company. The company has an internal corporate risk management system that allows you to constantly and promptly assess and control both the risks of projects and financial flows, solvency and liquidity of the company itself for up to 5 years.